Specialized ERP & CRM Systems

We develop highly specialized ERP and CRM systems to cover requirements of vertical markets and meet the needs of unique business operations. Our core ERP and CRM engines are highly adaptable, and we use them as the framework to build specialized products on top and meet our clients’ requirements.

We are very aware of the operations within large organizations, hence we design our solutions with the necessary functions to ensure smooth and highly efficient workflows that cover all departments. This includes common requirements, such as:

  • Cross-departmental operations and teamwork
  • Fine-grained user roles and permissions, by group, team, or department
  • Intranet-based deployments
  • Integrated team collaboration & ticketing
  • API-based integration with external systems

Building ERP systems requires a very deep understanding of business’s internal operations, so our ERP projects start with extensive study and analysis of the requirements, the workflows, and the business itself. Part of the outcomes are workflow suggestions for maximizing operational efficiency and a full digital transformation of the business.

Who Our Clients Are

Our clients are usually businesses whose unique operations’ and nature cannot be covered by general-purpose ERP systems designed to optimize operations in manufacturing, accounting, HR, payroll, warehouse, logistics, and other common business units.

We are also ideal for SMEs that seek for a more affordable, cost-saving ERP solution that will not compromise on quality, coverage and operational efficiency.


  • Specialized ERP & CRMs
  • Out-of-the-box core ERP modules
  • Web-based ERP/CRM solutions
  • Modern, user-friendly interfaces
  • Affordable TCO
  • Multi-departmental coverage
  • Digital Transformation
  • External systems integration


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